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About the Chichewa language

Chichewa is a Bantu language spoken in parts of Malawi, where it is an official national language along with English, and also in Zambia, Mozambique, where the language is known as Chinyanja, and Zimbabwe. Between 7 and 8 million people speak Chichewa.
We aim to serve the whole Christian community by working closely with churches and the community to serve all denominations.

Buku Lopatulika ndilo Mau a Mulungu

Buku Lopatulika ndilo Mau a Mulungu is the first Bible to be translated among all the languages in Malawi. The translation work took a long time, over 20 years, from early 1900s to 1922. The translation work took place at Kaso, in Mvera, Dowa District. This work was done by the Dutch Reformed Church missionaries and notable Malawians.

The Bible underwent orthography revision 1936, and revised again in 1966, Enlarged edition in 1992 and recently Text & Orthography revision in 2014

Buku Lopatulika ndilo Mau a Mulungu is a literal translation, based on the form of the Hebrew and Greek. It is a good Bible for those who would like to know how the original languages form was like.

Buku Loyera

Buku Loyera is an interconfessional Chichewa common language translation. This is a meaning based translation which uses Chichewa language as it is being spoken today, and easy to understand. This Bible was published in 1999 and the translation work was done by translators from different churches, including the Catholic Church. This version has both Protestant Edition and Catholic Edition.

Buku Loyera-NT with Study Notes

Buku Loyera NT with Study Notes has been published to help Chichewa readers understand Scriptures well on their own. The reader will be able to read and understand different areas of Scripture and teachings of the Bible. The editors developed the notes with the target receptor audience in mind – that is, their culture and language.
At the moment, the study notes are available for the New Testament only. In the near future, the full Buku Loyera Study Bible will be made available.

Pakuti Mulungu anakonda dziko lapansi kotero, kuti anapatsa Mwana wache wobadwa yekha, kuti yense wakhulupirira Iye asatayike, koma akhale nao moyo wosatha. Yohana 3:16

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